Oryen Network beats fluctuating yield of PancakeSwap and Binance Coin with a Fixed 90% APY

Securing themselves against cryptocurrency yields’ unpredictable and often volatile nature has become investors’ primary concern. Therefore, Oryen Network has devised a revolutionary way to guarantee everyone a fixed 90% APY.

This groundbreaking technology has found a way to consistently beat the flexible yields on PancakeSwap and Binance Coin, two of the most popular platforms for generating crypto earnings. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps of how you can start maximizing your crypto yields through Oryen’s unique platform.

How does Oryen Network work?

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, and new technology is being introduced to simplify and streamline various processes. One of the most exciting new technologies to come onto the scene is the Oryen Network’s OAT protocol. This innovative auto-staking system automatically stakes rewards directly in wallets and offers users a fixed return of 90% APY.

The process of staking on Oryen Network is simple and secure. All users will need is to create an account on the platform, deposit any supported cryptocurrency, and then wait to receive their rewards.

Notably, Oryen uses a positive rebase formula that rewards users every hour, 24 times a day, compounding 0.177% daily ROI. These rates add up and result in a fixed 90% annual yield.

Stability is maintained through the protocol’s Risk-Free Value wallets, liquidity pools, and treasury, which support the $ORY price during harsh market trends.


Oryen is entering its sixth presale phase with a $0.175 – a 250% growth from the initial price. This impressive increase shows that the DeFi market is growing exponentially, and the Oryen Network is quickly becoming one of the leading players in the space.

How to stake on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap offers two different kinds of staking. LP tokens are staked in farms, while BEP-20 tokens are staked in their Syrup Pools.

Liquidity is essential to the functioning of the PancakeSwap platform since it is based on an AMM mechanism. Therefore, there is a strong incentive for users to offer liquidity. To participate as a liquidity provider, you must deposit a pair of tokens into the pool in equal amounts. To compensate users for locking up these assets, transaction fees will be distributed that scale with the size of the liquidity pool.

For a chance at a higher return, LP tokens can be staked in PancakeSwap’s farms. Those that stake LP tokens on farms are rewarded with CAKE, which may be harvested at any time.

However, the annual percentage yield on Pancakeswap varies from farm to farm or according to market conditions. It can run as high as 140% or as low as 1% at any moment, making profit-making unstable and risky.

How high is BNB staking APY?

Binance Coin, or BNB, is the native cryptocurrency of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance. It was developed in 2017 as a utility token for reduced trading costs. However, it has been adopted for various purposes across many other platforms since then. It is used to settle transaction fees on Binance.com, Binance DEX, and Binance Chain.

Binance offers three distinctive ways to generate yield:

  • 60-day staking: 6.53% APY
  • BNB vault: 6.17% (variable yield)
  • Launchpool-ATA: 0.88% (variable yield)

Like PancakeSwap, APY on Binance tends to change. Thus, your investment return might sometimes differ from what you had calculated.

Flexible APYs change depending on the state of the market and any other considerations the protocol or crypto exchange takes into account.

Final Thoughts

While no investment is risk-free, Oryen’s fixed reward rate of 90% APY remains a leading position as an excellent option for those wanting to earn a reliable passive income with their digital assets.

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