Big Eyes Coin Rivals Dogecoin And Algorand, As It Emerges The Best Presale Crypto Token To Buy Now

The Ethereum blockchain is expanding rapidly. The growth of this blockchain network is partly due to its use of smart contracts. Leveraging this feature, developers on the blockchain create decentralized systems for their users.

Most DeFi projects rely on smart contracts for their development and operation. Such projects can only truly offer decentralized services with that feature. By using smart contracts, the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) platform adheres to the principle.

With Big Eyes Coin, crypto users will enjoy unique features. It will be a meme coin that plans to revamp all meme coin projects. Big Eyes Coin aims to achieve this by moving from dog-themed services and offering cat-like features to its users.

With this new dimension, Big Eyes Coin will pioneer new meme projects. It promises to integrate features of top crypto platforms. These features will include NFT integration and interoperability.

One key aspect of Big Eyes Coin is its ERC-20 token. With BIG as its ticker symbol, this digital asset will power the ecosystem. It will be a cryptocurrency available on numerous decentralized exchanges. BIG will power DeFi transactions and grant governance rights.

With BIG tokens, users can store their wealth long-term. It will eventually become a medium of payment in and out of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem.

In addition to its primary utility, the BIG token might take up new utilities. This increase is due to the advancement in Fintech companies like Mastercard. On July 27, 2021, Mastercard announced its desire to partner with crypto enterprises.

This article will discuss what this integration will mean for Big Eyes Coin. We will also compare Big Eyes Coin with Dogecoin and Algorand.

Big Eyes Coin: What Mastercard’s Integration Will Mean For Users

Since its major announcement, Mastercard has continuously included more projects in its ecosystem. Over time, Mastercard intends to expand, likely integrating with several top-rated tokens within the Ethereum blockchain.

Although yet to be available, any partnership between Mastercard and Big Eyes Coin will lead to significant gains for its users. Such a partnership will allow Big Eyes Coin to issue crypto cards to users. This card will allow users to pay directly from their wallet.

Crypto card adoption will positively affect the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem. It will attract thousands of users wanting to avoid cumbersome crypto operations.

Additional Features Of Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin remains a meme coin project operated on Ethereum. It entered this space intending to rival pre-existing projects. The Big Eyes Coin project will start a new kind of meme project.

It promises to incorporate essential features into its ecosystem. These features will help it thrive as it sets the path for subsequent projects. One of its numerous features is interoperability.

Big Eyes Coin promises to move its features beyond Ethereum. This interoperability will be evident in the Big Eyes Coin swap, a cross-chain DEX. It will allow crypto swaps across major blockchains in this space.

This cross-chain swap is just one of the numerous features to be anticipated. With Big Eyes Coin, users will have tons of earning opportunities. This is because it places its users at its focal point.

Big Eyes Coin Compared To Dogecoin And Algorand

Big Eyes Coin’s s advancements in this make it unique. When compared with Dogecoin, Big Eyes Coin will have more features.

First, a new base meme has been used to power its project. This cat meme also has a large number of people who love cats. Leveraging this meme, Big Eyes Coin is in the proper position for a revolution.

Unlike Dogecoin, Big Eyes Coin has specified goals. Its whitepaper highlighted what it intends to achieve. This well-thought-out plan needs to be improved in Dogecoin. Here is also a very interesting Youtube video about Big Eyes Coin.

Algorand intends to cut down fees and create a super-fast blockchain. With ALGO, its native cryptocurrency will power transactions. Its users can also stake Algo in its proof-of-stake ecosystem.

Algorand operates a pure proof-of-stake system. It also integrates its system with the Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol. This BFT allows it to fix any error from its validators without halting operations.

Like Big Eyes Coin, staking Algo leads to earning passive rewards. These rewards are accumulated from the validator’s role allocated to stakeholders.

Big Eyes Coins (BIG) Presale

Big Eyes Coin is new to this space but has made advancements in its presale. This presale allows users to buy and hold tokens at a discount price. These tokens will help them interact with Big Eyes Coin once it launches.

To buy the presale, visit the Big Eyes Coin presale website and connect your wallet. It must have been funded with any of the accepted cryptocurrencies. Input your purchase amount and approve the transaction.

With BIG tokens, transaction fees are covered. It is the main currency for all aspects of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem. A successful presale purchase means you have the key to interacting with the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem. Buy the presale before it ends to enjoy its future rewards.

Also, the team behind Big Eyes Coin have announced that they are doing a bonus tokens. To claim the bonus tokens users just need to use the code: BIGPRIZE65 when buying BIG tokens

To get bonus tokens with your Big Eyes purchase, use the code BLACKFRIDAY50 (live on Friday)

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